In the last 5 years of my performance work, I've been exploring the personal, intimate relationship between the human animal body and our precious Earth. Seeded by my own longing to feel more connected, then nourished by a few profound experiences alone in nature, I became consumed by the questions:

What else have we forgotten about how to be with the plants and the waters?

Just how much, exactly, does my human body share with Earth?

What more is there to discover about belonging and love?


UPCOMING PERFORMANCE: Zazu Dreams Dance Interlude, Sunday, Apr 29, 2018, 6-7pm, outside Fiske Planetarium, CU Boulder Campus. FREE!

Visit a wonderland of nature dancers as the pre-show for Zazu Dreams! Dancers Melinda Harrison & Momo Freehill of Nature Moves, dancer Dhanwant Garcia, and myself perform outside with SAND, SALT, WATER, and TREES to set the stage for considering the role these elements play in nature and in human lives.

Zazu Dreams is an evening of cross-cultural, multi-media EDUTAINMENT! Including live acoustic music, song, dance, and storytelling--combining science and indigenous wisdom. It follows inside the Fiske Planetarium from 7-8:30pm. Tickets and info here. Facebook event here.

  Photo by Adam Riggs

Photo by Adam Riggs




October 2017

“To behold beauty dignifies your life; it heals you and calls you out beyond the smallness of your own self-limitation…the beauty of nature is often the wisest balm for it gently relieves and releases the caged mind.” ~ John O’Donohue

In this solo for the stage, I explore my own sensations of beauty both in my body and in what I observed in the wild. With a costume of branches, I designed movements that imitated and subtly referenced birds, roots, and wind. At its core, this is a piece about love.

postcards to the earth
environmental dance documentary film
march 2015

If you could send a message to the Earth, what would you say? 

This film is part interview project - part dance. The interview section lays theoretical groundwork for the site-specific environmental dance film that follows. Artists and environmental stewards are asked, "What does the body have to do with climate change?" Followed by the more personal question, "If you could send a message to the Earth, what would you say?" This second question motivates the dance which considers themes of protection, grief, and deep love for the natural world.

 Photo by Steve Stoychev

Photo by Steve Stoychev

NOvember 2014

“We are within a biosphere, not on a planet.” ~Nala Walla

A group work choreographed for the seven women on stage, Enough investigates water as a connecting force. Dancers use their bodies and voices to make the visceral and visual connection that water moves the same way in us as it does on the planet. We created performed this work to remember our connection and our responsibility, and that our choices matter to each other and to the planet. Our dance is a prayer, a testimony on behalf of Earth, and a call to action. How much is enough?


Performances by other Choreographers