Partner Dance ~ Social Dance Testimonials

It can be intimidating as a beginner to step into a group class. Maren gently coaches you to get out of your comfort zone. She is great at catering her teaching to all different skill levels in a group setting. We look forward to more classes with her!  ~Adam and Stephanie

I am not very outgoing and it was very difficult for me to walk into the studio the first time. But Maren's warm and friendly personality made me feel comfortable. She is always professional, well-prepared, and ready to work with the individual to perfect the dance skills.  I have learned a lot from Maren about dance steps but most importantly she made it FUN!  I will go back and I highly recommend Maren for everyone wanting to enjoy dancing!  ~Jim, construction manager

Maren has a sharp eye for form and technique, and a relaxed manner and easy way of pointing out ways to improve, which make for a really fun but still practical lesson. I look forward to additional classes with her, both private and group.  ~Shawna

As a 59 year-old man who had never taken dance lessons, I figured it would take two years of intense lessons to be able to "hold my own" on the dance floor. Maren's enthusiasm and understanding of each student's ability gave me confidence. After just 2 months of lessons, I went from a "Two-left-feet" klutz to eagerly wanting to try out new moves wherever I could. I enthusiastically recommend Maren Waldman to anyone having an interest in learning or improving their dance technique, whether you're a solo dancer or a couple: Everyone leaves with a smile, every time.  ~Bruce


Modern Dance ~ Solo Dance Testimonials

Maren holds a space for allowing what is to be. She guides with gentleness and compassion, as well as creativity and affirmation. I was left with a feeling that everything is perfectly okay, exactly as it is. ~Brittany

Your teaching encompasses more than most dance teachers I've had. The way you easily and consistently work so many things into your classes is amazing: breath, rhythm, gravity, calmness, joy of dance, massage, dancing in a group, expression, performance, encouragement, fun, complete warm ups, improvisation, learning from other students, and lots more --not even to mention an excellent technique class. It's been so great learning some of your choreography and having the chance to practice the same combination over and over until we can really dance it! And of course it's always so inspiring to have a teacher who is such a beautiful dancer!! I think you are such a gifted teacher.  ~Joanie

Great music, well thought-out routines. Maren is great at identifying just what we need to work on and give good corrections.  ~AH

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you and your teaching. I've made such strides in my life and have come out of my protective shell as a result of our classes. You've helped me in ways I can't quite articulate, well, one way, is how to more fully express the dance. I just want to continue to unfold and unwind... ~ Lisa


It was with a mixture of hope and skepticism that I called in search of relief from stress, anxiety, and neck/shoulder pain. After six sessions, my neck and shoulder pain were gone, along with any remaining skepticism about the benefits of bodywork. Maren Waldman is a skilled and enthusiastic practitioner, and her responsive, focused attention on whatever issues I raised at each session created an environment that was comfortable and productive. The individualized attention she provides is extraordinary, and I feel exceedingly fortunate to be a recipient of her kindness and expertise.  ~Margaret, administrator

I haven't had any more neck pain since your session. Thank you. ~AE, student

I felt nurtured the whole time.  ~MW, nutritionist & small business owner

I honestly did feel renewed. My mind was so much calmer and quieter; it opened me up and made room for clear thinking...which was exactly what I needed for the test!  ~DL, graduate student

I think that was the best massage I've ever gotten. I have no pain. No pain. For people who have pain all the time that little window is so important.  Am I going to sleep tonight! This is just what I need. ~TOB, small business owner

Corporate Events &

I just wanted to Thank You for making our party so fun!!!! Your energy and willingness to work with everyone in teaching us how to dance really added to the fun.   ~Kimberly Metz/Done Plumbing and Heating

Maren was amazing at our corporate retreat!  She was outgoing and able to get a big group to participate in line dancing.  She worked great with our band to coordinate songs and made everything flow together.  Thanks, Maren! ~Amy Secor, RE/MAX

We loved working with you, so much so that we referred you to another client. ~Jim Greer, Narrow Gauge